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Bunbury Writers Group (BWG) is locally recognised as the go-to place for writers to share their love of the written word. Its members comprise all writing abilities that cover a range of genres.

This sharing process involves evenings of writing to prompts provided by participants and other evenings where writers present sections of work-in-progress to the group for evaluation and constructive feedback.  Learning opportunities are present in the discussion process, both through the receiving and the giving of supportive feedback. 

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Founder of BWG, Ben Mason, quit teaching at the end of 2017 to follow his dream of becoming a writer. He experienced a need to share his work for constructive feedback and realised there was nowhere he could go for critique or to use as a sounding board. A bit of research and social media interaction soon led to the establishment of this thriving writers' group.  

Members attest to the benefits of being part of such a creative force.  

  • "Bunbury Writers Group is the creative inspiration that has been missing in my life." says one member.  "There is nothing better than being inspired by inspirational people." 

  • Another member now enjoys introducing himself as a writer at parties.  "Because I have figured out that I am one!" he says.

  • Another describes how he is enjoying bookending his longstanding love of songwriting and performing - neither of which are his day jobs - to writing play scripts and fiction.

  • Members all agree that with a group like this there's no excuse to have writing missing from your life.

The creative force within the BWG has led to the publication of three collaborative collections of stories and poems. 

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